Aim of the Journal

Global Journal of Socio-Legal Research (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Journal’) provides discussion onnew ideas, fresh insights, and expert views on critical practical issues faced across various jurisdictions. The content is contributed by the experts in field, practitioners and international students, and aims to provide reliable source of guidance and discussionfor the globalised world. The Journal is a peer reviewed half yearly journal under with a diverse editorial board. As mentioned above, the aim of the journal is to address contemporary socio-legal issues and will act as a source of information for further development of jurisprudence. The Journal is being published under the aegis and guidance of Niti Manthan. The journal is ideal for tracking inter-relationship and interdependence of traditional and non-conventional social and legal order. This will provide as aninteresting platform in staying ahead in cross border socio-legal issues.


The October 2020 edition of the journal concentrateson the growing issues of ‘Dataprivacy and data security’. This comes in the background where globally concerns have been raised with respect to data mining, collection of data, and data impacting the security and stability of various developing countries.
Thefollowing are some of the sub-themes which will guide the acceptance of articles for this edition of the journal, namely:
  • Data as the new oil of economy
  • Data mining and sociological impact on the society
  • Data leading the way for a new tomorrow
  • Best practices in data security and privacy
  • Psychological impact of breach of privacy
  • Data privacy as part of fundamental human right
  • Data security and privacy concerns in legal fields
  • Data security and privacy in cloud computing
  • Privacy in digital age
  • Big data security and privacy protection
  • Data privacy in healthcare industry
  • Data security and privacy in online court and other dispute settlement mechanism
  • Smart cities and rising concern of data security and privacy
  • Illegal mining of data and their evidentiary value
  • Data security and privacy in online marketing system
  • Data security and rising concerns of state security
  • Stakeholder analysis of data security and privacy

The Journal will be published biannually.

Spring Edition - To be published in March (Paper submission deadline - 28th February)

Fall Edition - To be published in September-October (Paper submission deadline - 31st August)

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Conflict of Interest

  • The author(s) must explicitly mention any form of ‘conflict of interest’ arising out of the situations in the separate space provided at the time of submission.
  • For the purpose of the Journal, the term ‘conflict of interest’ refers to situations in which financial or other personal considerations may compromise or have the appearance of compromising a researcher’s professional judgement in conducting or reporting research.

Review Process

  • Before submission to the publisher, manuscripts will be reviewed by the General Editor and may be returned to the author for revision. In some instances,there is also single-blind peer review by one or two other reviewers.
  • The journal’s policy is to provide an initial assessment of the submission within thirty days of receiving the posted submission. In cases where the article is externally referred for review, this period may be extended.
  • The editors reserve the right to make alterations as to style, punctuation, grammar etc.
  • The author will also receive PDF proofs of the article, and any corrections should be returned within the scheduled dates.

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